Moving with a grr and whoosh

Toys were something that was not easily available to me.. my father being just a soldier and then they got a pittance, we shared our quarters with another family. I had this fancy dream of driving around in a car but my father had just a bicycle so to many of my friends my dream seemed outrageous. Whatever toys like guns and pistols I got seemed to me so useless since they could not fire. My outrageous dream of driving around in a car or open jeep made me daydream a lot. So whatever round object I could lay my hand seemed to me like steering of the car and with lot of noise from mouth of grrr and whoosh   I imagined myself driving around. My father managed to save some money and got me cycle with side wheels to prevent fall. That gave me as if wings my first freedom. I rode my cycle with all my pride and used to move from one block to another in our locality and tried to see all the views I could get.

Well years later when I was in my grad school I decided that being in field sales would give me a lot of chance to see different places, to move from one place to another and not to be tied down to a desk. Just after I got a job I started saving a lot and purchased a scooter which gave me my second freedom. Later on I changed to a motorbike and then to my first car and have since then lived my dream lived my life moving around starting with a grrr and whoosh from one place to another.


7 thoughts on “Moving with a grr and whoosh

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