Snark or Satire is in Indian psyche

Snark or Satire is in Indian psyche. We tend to make funny snide remarks regarding the happenings in the society. We make snide remarks on the Prime Minister, a highly respected economist for his inability to make strong speech though he normally has his way. We call the Congress President( Mrs. Sonia Gandhi) super Prime Minister though she is not known to have made any direct interference in Government functioning. In-fact she had refused the Prime Ministerial position despite being the leader of the Majority winning Political party in the elections. Also in her leadership the Party came to power in two consecutive elections. Despite renouncing the opportunity of becoming the Prime Minister of the largest democracy she is called names and it is great that she still keeps her calm posture. She has already inducted a bill which will provide food security to millions of poorest of the poor yet she is lampooned. One look at the cartoons and you will find cartoons showing Mrs Gandhi walking tall with old Prime Minister shown as child with a back pack walking holding her hand face tilted upwards as a n obedient son looking at the mother.

Take the opposition party and you will find that most successful Chief Minister, Mr. Narendrabhai Modi, of the richest state in India who has named possible Prime Ministerial candidate for the coming, who has come to power for three consecutive terms is called names for being unable to control religious riot during his first term as Chief Minister.Though he has won convincingly in next two general as well state elections. There has been all round development of the state and its implementation of development programs a is case study worth discussing in classes. Economical development has been unique. However his supporters are busy lampooning past congress leaders, who won independence for the country. You will find wall graffiti galore showing Mr. Modi as Monster busy drinking blood.

Actually what comes to mind that we live in a society where character assassination by satire is norm of the day. However that is perhaps better then political assassination taking place across the world especially in the middle east Asia.

We have a parody or a satire for every aspect of life and I believe it is sometimes better then having gun totting militants or suicidal fools trying avenge real and perceived grievances.


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