Sorry, I’m busy

There are innumerable times we all have when we could have helped but said Sorry, I am busy. When you are rushing to your office and know that if you stop then you may miss your pool car, bus or train and somebody asks you for directions what do you do. Well while rushing by just say ‘Sorry, I am busy’. You are in midst of a meeting and you boss or customer is demanding an answer and your phone rings and somebody is asking for your help what do you do. You say ‘Sorry, I am Busy…….. call later’. This is a fact of life. Those who do not do this but go out and help are real philanthropist rest of us are just trying to act human. However there are instances in our lives when we could have stopped and helped but out of habit said’Sorry, I’m busy’.

It has happened to all of us knowingly or unknowingly we have failed to help when we could have. Without remembering those days we cannot sleep when see similar scenes repeating day in day out. I myself have some nightmares when I could have helped but did not. I do not why I did not help but I did not and that is truth. I was rushing to see a movie on a Sunday and was late just because I was lazy. On Sundays many Government examinations are held and infront of me was twenty something guy who wanted to know about the examination centre. From his look and language it was clear he had come from some rural area and was feeling lost in a metropolis. He waved and and asked about the centre. It was just near the movie theater I was rushing to but out of I don’t know what I said ‘Sorry, I am busy’ and rushed by. In the theater along with my school friends whom I was meeting after nearly twenty years I was seeing less of movie and more of reminiscing. Suddenly a guilt arose in me. Why did I not tell that boy. His eyes showed how eager he was to appear just to give a try to get a Government job which so important to most of the people. Here I was going in the direction of his examination centre and just could have given him a lift but acted busy when I was not. I have confessed my mistake many times but the guilt has remained


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