Daily Prompt: Super Sensitive

Who in the whole universe would like to loose a sense to gain much power in another one? None. But the the prompt says  ‘forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?’ Forced to give up ! I will do anything in my power or the power of the universe to save all my five senses. Sense of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing makes me human being and God gave them to me  in right proportion. It is said that if all the senses are in right direction then they are like five horses which takes us to our destination, whether it is spiritual or materialistic. Human being does everything , learns everything because of these senses and nobody in right mind will give up anyone to gain super-sensitivity in another. However what can one do if the Daily Prompt wants you to write about giving up one sense to gain in another.

Hmm which sense should I give up to gain super-sensitivity in another. What sense is not required to me? I cannot think of loosing any sense. If I loose sense of sight then it will be a disaster without the ability to see this beautiful world this life will be meaningless. Sense of smell…….without it how can understand about the fragrance of the raindrops on a parched land, blooming flower, without sense of touch we  will get injured every now and then whether by accidentally touching the hot kettle, or open fire, bite by a snake or scorpion. Sense of hearing gave the ability to learn to speak, enjoy poetry, music and saved me from getting run-over by motor vehicle. Lastly but not least the sense of taste gave me love of food, drink gave me appetite. So which one if forced to give up shall I give up.

Sorry I don’t want to loose any sense to gain super-sensitivity in any one. For the Prompt’s sake if I have to loose, which one do I loose.None. The want in me to write something after a hard days work says come on without loosing any sense just think which one will I want to gain as super-sensitivity. Okay for the sake of writing if forced to loose any one sense to gain super-sensitivity say let me give me up the sense of taste to gain super-sensitivity in sense of sight. Let it make me see the intentions or motives of every person. Let me have the vision of Almighty, if he is there. Let me have the foresight of seeing all the tragedies that may harm humanity and give me sight of seeing how I could end suffering of the people. Let me have a sight  with which I could help all the blind people to see this beautiful world. A sight with which they can read all they beautiful literature of the world.


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