Making them a part of the festivities

Festivities are part of every society and in every country around the world you will find some people who are little away from mainstream. They seem to miss out because they are disadvantaged economically. They need compassion, they need society to look after themImage. In India we are going to have two of our biggest celebration in coming two months. One is Dusshera and the other is Diwali. In these two festivals you will find most new purchases being made with people going out in their best finery, being merry. However there is still a section who are marginalized though India is making great strides in development both economically and socially. On these occasion my wife Uma along with some of us who are a part of social organisation PAHAL took it upon ourselves to help out some of the needy people in rural areas of West Bengal, a state in India. It was Uma’s single minded dedication which got all the help from society at large and some of her friends from Face Book who came forward to make our little endeavor a success.Image

(Uma in a pensive mood)

Well without adding many more words let me add some pictures of the people who were either geriatrics or the poorest of the poor who were given clothes for the festivity as the part of our programme.Image



The real satisfaction comes from those beautiful smiles………….


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