The Cat Says Meow: I am his room

Searched the web for ‘The Cat says Meow‘. The answer given is ‘it means the same as ‘right up my alley’ it’s the perfect item for me.’ So that means the prompt is the perfect item for me. Perfect for me………perfect because expansion says ‘Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or another person.’ From the perspective of another person. Difficult because such a plain  uneventful life that there is very little to tell. Moreover which part to tell, it is the million dollar question. What to tell……………

I am the room and this is where his books, his laptop, his old cricket bat and his papers stay on perpetual chaos. I want to understand what he loves to read but it is very difficult to understand because till the other day he was immersed in a Bengali novel before that he was he was reading Khalid Hosseini’s ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’, abook on Afghanistan and now he is busy William Dalrymple’s ‘The Last Mughal’, a historical book on first mutiny in India . Sometimes he is busy trying to go through lots of graphs and tabulated figures and talking animatedly on his cell phone. Nowadays back from work he sits down with his laptop checking something called mail. Well earlier mail meant he had to open the envelops and read but nowadays his laptop does it .God knows how ? Of-late he says that he is blogging. God knows what that means but he thanks his son time and again for bringing back his love of penning something. Penning something? That’s a lie, he hardly uses pen nowadays he is just busy typing something and then starts reading which he calls reading other people’s blog. Whatever it is it is not writing………. it is perhaps story telling through laptop to me and through internet as per him.

I wish he kept his things little more in order so that his wife after returning from office did not seem at loss after looking at his things. Not to worry he always finds his things without having to look around, a great mystery how he finds his papers or his cell phone or his books without having to look around.Only time he seems meticulous is when he prepares his bed which he does everyday because he thinks that every man should be able to prepare his bed even on his last day. He does save money which I know because he has a small box in which he keeps some money every week.He and his wife do try to help some needy people every month.

He loves it when son plays guitar or is on the key board. Normally he loves to listen to FM channels which blare out popular music. This helps him in concentrating, which is quite different from what his wife or son do. They shut out all sound and that helps them to concentrate, he on the contrary puts on music at very low volume to shut out other sound.Most irritating part of his behavior is his reading which starts at around 10 pm and continues for next two hours though everyday he gets up at 5 am and goes out for his morning walk which he says is the only time when he is with himself.

His most interesting part is when he is in daydreaming mode and he thinks out aloud on how to make this society Utopian. I at those moments feel like his mother who would guard him and make all his day dreams come true but he like me knows that those are daydreams.

Hey I have already talked enough, given out more secrets then he would have liked to share.


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