It was a Sunday and there was Neurologists get together.Everything had been arranged. For two previous week I had sat down with a Doctor who was to make the presentation and rehearsal of the speech was done by the Doctor over and over again. Few senior executives and two senior medical consultant from the parent company were to attend. My seniors had given complete control the program to make it a success.

The D day came and all was set. I had arranged all the things to clockwork precision. My colleagues and team mates had ensured that by eight in the evening all the senior Neurologists had arrived at Hyatt Regency. The speaker, my seniors, people representing the parent company were all there.First round of soft drinks was served. It was chilled and our Doctor who was to make the presentation took two large gulps perhaps to kill the butterflies in his stomach. I was busy seeing that all the seating arrangements were in the right order, the podium was well lit and the LCD projector was functioning well for the presentation.

We ushered in the Neurologists, the speaker and all the attendees in the conference hall. First Our senior most executive stood up to make the welcome speech for the launch of a new therapy in stroke. He asked me to be on the podium, which I felt was an honour bestowed upon me.Thereafter our Doctor was called on to make his presentation. He adjusted his tie , nervously fiddled with the pointer and my God as he started to speak his voice cracked and many different sound came none decipherable. I was shocked beyond words. Transfixed my mind went blank, my showpiece shattered I was at loss what to do, how to salvage my most precious programme.

The whole room was silent. Shocked at the turn of the events unfolding. Somebody had to take up the reigns, take the event to its proper conclusion. Our senior most executive stood up and walked on to the microphone, expressed deep anguish at the sudden turn of events, the speaker loosing his voice at the most crucial moment asked everybody to keep their cool as a stand in speaker was ready. My joy knew no bound. In my heart I thought this is why you seniors are there who can fix all the problems as if they had magic wand.

He called on somebody to present and we all clapped. Slowly I saw every body looking at me. My heart sank. What the fuck he wanted me to present. My knees went weak, I just wanted to run away but my legs would not support me.I wanted to shout, I wanted to cry like a baby but nothing seemed to happen. I sat as if transfixed.My senior came to me and asked me to present. I could not move. He almost pulled me out of my chair and took me to the lectern. While walking he said Listen nobody knows what you are going to speak and they  know you are not a Doctor so they will listen with sympathy rather then disdain.

Then resounding clapping by men who knew much more about brain then me, those who had seen a real live brain, worked on it were clapping asking me about the treatment course we were advising and many of them congratulating me about my presentation


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