What is fair ?

What is fair ? Whole life is terribly unfair. I could have been born with terrific intelligence with IQ equal to or more the then Albert Einstein’s but no that did not happen, I cannot even mention my IQ in public. Okay everybody cannot or better should not be a scientist. I could at the least write well enough so that all the great publishers should have been queuing at my door to have great books written by me which would be world best sellers now and classics in the future. That is not to be and it is terribly unfair. Okay I may not be good enough to be a great author but I could have been one of the legendary singers say like Micheal Jackson with loads of cash with me. Again that is not to be and that is unfair. Of-course I cannot complain because when I try to sing my friends, family and even my pets just run away from that room.

I can act well and have found myself thinking always, while watching movies, how differently the part could have been enacted. This perhaps certainly means that I should have been one of the finest actors the world has seen. To tell you the truth I had actually tried to participate in dramas, but can you think they gave me the role of a dead soldier. Don’t you all think that life has been terribly unfair.

In the end take this blog writing. I think I should have been the best blogger writing Daily Prompt and all other bloggers should have been reading my blog, liking and commenting,praising my blogs. But only some of you come (Thanks to all of you who read) others just ignore which I think is terribly unfair


8 thoughts on “What is fair ?

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