My First Teacher

Thanks to my teachers that I am able to blog. It is because of them that I understand English, which is not my mother tongue. It is due to them that today I have a job, maintain my family and ensure my son’s education. They understood my needs, my interests, my inclination and helped me become what ever I am today.

Who is the best teacher that I had? Well very teacher I had in life was instrumental in making me. They came down to my level to understand my problems and helped me. To quote something from my fellow blogger ‘I was like The Boy who had no Ears’ my teachers have helped me by understanding how I feel ‘And that is how one truly teaches’.

What makes a Teacher great ………….. love to teach, loving his or her student as their own children and bringing out their best.

However in all this I was almost going to miss my first teacher. One who is first teacher of all of us. Our mothers. They taught us our first steps, our first attempt to speak something comprehensible.

All my teachers thereafter have been like my parent so I salute all of them.


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