Practice Hard

A poet who lived sometime in between 1398 – 1518 known as Kabir Das in India  wrote a couplet in Hindi which is

Karat Karat Abhyas te Jarmati Hot Sujan

Rassi awat jat te sil par parat nishan

In English rough translation would be


Practice, hard practice makes a dumb knowledgeable

Just like the rope moving on the stone year after year lives its mark on the stone.

So true. Look at the great players and athletes who practice hard for years to win those treasured medals and cups in their arena of sports. There are more number of wasted genius in the world then there are those who are successful. Even above average people with just perseverance and hard work achieve which many talented youngsters miss out just because they did not practice hard enough.

It has happened to all of us who have contemplated about finishing our courses when we were in school well before exams but procrastinated. With us there always those who were little dumb on the day when the course was being taught. While they practiced in private we just knew we knew. Come exams they always got better of us or touched us just by their sheer hard work.

The truth about hard practice making one perfect does not limit itself to the human species, look at the animal kingdom and we see that Lion or Tiger cub practices hunting to become one of the fiercest hunter.

We by our greater intelligence can perhaps learn faster but to be perfect there is no other option but to practice and practice hard.



10 thoughts on “Practice Hard

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  3. The hard work is so much harder when we are disappointed by our lack of perfection from the start. It is said that we are often our own worst critics. Thank you for reminding me that hard work should be hard and that perseverance makes all the difference.

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