Y u wanna kno dis

2 wr8 abt 2100 is lk wr8ng abt mslf. v alws use ths lngug bt no slng. Dey nd 2 b xplct n v nt xplct.ne thngls u gys wan 2 kno. i dnt undrstnd y u r in so hari 2 kno abt 2100 lt it komin.Ne way sinc u wan 2 kno, dis strtd in wen sms kem in on ur mobile. V use it in skool now. Our tichar kno only dis lngug de hv usd it 4 lst 87 yrs Dis pickd up aftr prmpt 4rm wrdprez.

Naw som of u wanna kno y u don udrstnd den ask ur son or dowter dey kno abt it very wel. U no undrstnd b’coz u wanna bcom wr8r, so u use wrdprez. N dey gib u dis prmpt 2 mek nu lngug.C d fun.

Advntg of dis lngug is dere is no mistek b’coz if u n e 1 can undrstnd den dis is rite. 2 ad u don nid 2  wr8 much b’coz  u use less word to give mor infrmeson. naw Gud ni8 2 all of u kip liking n folowin . May God Bless U all.


7 thoughts on “Y u wanna kno dis

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