Who is the boss

Got up late and just wanted to be in time for that important meeting. The watch was moving at a furious speed, time running out reached the meeting at sharp 9. My habit is to be at-least 10 minutes before the scheduled time.  Mr. X, my know all superior smiled checked his watch and as if to himself said,”Ah, Just in time”. We all got ready for his small story, making all of us wish that he should have taken up storytelling as his profession. We were sure he would have remained the poorest storyteller in the world. Reality was that he was our superior, so we had endure his story.

‘Time has its own way of passing. When you are with your girlfriend / boyfriend it is always in hurry but when you are in a meeting with me and your project is being analyzed it just does not seem to pass. Agreed Ladies and Gentlemen.’ This was today’s small story which meant it was going to be a bad meeting for all of us. We braced ourselves up for the coming torrents of pokes and refined doses of abuse, which hurt but left you with little scope of retaliating.

True time had its peculiar ways of either speeding up or slowing down. I am bubbling with something to write but have to squeeze it in an hour.Every minute detail is in my mind with complete sketch of the things to write, character build up to twists and turns to the climax. Nothing left to chance. Sitting at the work station my ideas flowing at great speed, my fingers typing as fast as they could but as I look up before I am able to finish first part my hour is over.

Now I am in the mid way and all my thoughts are tuned to my story but I have to finish my presentation with all the numerical spread sheets. So with great difficulty I am able switch my creative writer and go to my analyzer brain. Keeping a time limit of finishing the presentation within couple of hours I get to work. Work takes over. Presentations made figure work checked, rechecked when the work is finished i have not only consumed my two hours but added two more to them.

Looking at my watch I see it is quite late  but no need to worry with weekend setting in I can afford to be late in getting up tomorrow. I sit down for my story again. I read the part I have already finished and now with full enthusiasm of finishing the story I am on my computer. The words start failing me. As I fret for right words it seems time has come to standstill. Neither the words come nor the time moves. It is just frustration. I sit as if for hours to get my words but watch tells I am sitting just for five minutes.

Actually time has its own way when you are trying to do a lot at a great speed, it has habit of showing that it is faster then you. Again when you have time and you will just finish and then get up, it decides to slow down because it perhaps knows that this guy is going to need me and I have to wait for him. It bends to suit itself to show that who is the boss.


9 thoughts on “Who is the boss

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