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Well the rains are again erratic this year. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been continuously harping upon reducing green house gases and for economic reasons all the governments are tending to ignore the same. This has been going on since the inception of IPCC in 1988. There has been significant increase in the sea levels from 1901 levels which must be around 20cm now and many islands are threatened. There are alternate droughts and heavy rainfall leading to floods and this is happening across the world. The Governments of all the countries are sparring as usual on who should reduce emissions first USA, Europe, China, India or Latin America. Who has bigger carbon foot print. Busy with Carbon Foot Print let the human species go to dogs.

Water is the reason why the countries are ready to destroy each other, so oil takes backseat after being in limelight for more or less a century. Religious bigotry still rules and independent terrorist organizations are ready to kill or maim in the name of religion. All of them are now non state sponsored but independently funded. The truth is that states that were happy sponsoring terrorists as a part of their foreign policy have mostly disintegrated into smaller units. The credit for the same goes to the terrorists they have harboured or trained.

Only states where democracy was there have remained despite all pulls and pushes.Free speech and social networking sites have been one of the most important reasons of flowering of democracy in many countries across the world, though they have been used for spreading rumours time and again.

Literature has changed over a period of time and now people read either e-books or are busy going through Daily prompts or similar online sites. With age catching up and life becoming even more fast it is the only place where I relax and read similar minded people. I still have the same approach of looking at every thing from my point of view and write in the first person. With many more bloggers coming in it has become a competition on who posts fastest, who has most followers and who is somebody in the blogging community. Times change our language becomes more refined we mature up both as person and as blogger but unique style remains. We may have different interests but we remain committed bloggers.


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