Life moves on

‘Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden potential and power,let difficulties know that you too are difficult.’ Well the most difficult part in our life is to decide what is junk. What we do not need. What is that which is inhibiting us from reaching our potential.

While shifting through the old things in our stores we may come across those crazy comics which we used to hide underneath our books in the school. What are they now but useless booklets, nothing but junk. Today’s generation finds it more interest to surf through the internet. Yet those comics are so difficult for us to throw away as they of certain emotional value. Emotion value?? Bullshit. Sentimental value. Of no use still stored just for the heck of it.

Whatever is junk now was precious to us at a certain point of life. It is very difficult for you to just throw away anything that had importance attached to it at some point in life. I am not not talking about broken / useless piece of furniture or unused or unusable dinner set.

We have some set of ideas from past which are now just out of place and can be thought of as junk. It is difficult to junk them because we have grown up believing them. To uproot those ideas are not just difficult but near to impossible. The only way is pure scientific and logical explanation which is based on hard facts and steers clears of any assumption and then you will have a platform to stand upon to throw away that junk which has grown up on you. If somebody came to you and said that Sun revolves around Earth you would just ignore, pity that man thinking him to be insane. The same thought would have been perfectly normal before Galileo came into picture. Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler proved it beyond doubt that the truth was that the Earth moved around the Sun like Seven other Planets (Pluto not being considered a planet any more). Human race junked the idea of Sun revolving around the Earth.

Similarly we need to have a solid basis to throw away the junk that has accumulated in our lives. As far as my way of dumping the Junk is concerned I have to get updated with newer ideas, newer views from both who know much more then me and from those who see life from a completely different perspective. As far as newer perspective is concerned it is such a delight to mingle and see the views of the current generation. They have completely different take on many things in life. Younger people bring in newer perspectives, wonder which is almost infective. It helps us to get to different plane and have different take on things. Sometimes my junks change from a junk to useful tool but mostly they get dumped and newer set of ideas fill up that space.

Well life is like that. No space is kept empty. Junk removed newer ideas come in. Life moves on.


11 thoughts on “Life moves on

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  8. The metaphorical concept of “junk” is, like you say, even more difficult to throw away than old furniture and broken pieces of sentimental values. Our ideas are what shapes us as human beings, and, like you said, quite difficult to change.
    Lovely post.I agree with it wholeheartedly.

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