Halloween treat for the bloggers who would be busy going from blog to blog to collect “treats” is what I think most bloggers do everyday. Not just in evening like me, I suppose, but anytime in the day they can manage to. Actually we all keep reading others blog and enjoy, some of us trying to understand the nature thinking across the bloggers world. There are bloggers who are famous enough to have thousands of followers then there are freshly pressed blogs which are nothing but treats that we have almost everyday. 

Now for anyone in search of treat coming to my blog for a treat will find a babbler. One who returns from work sits down (sometimes lies down) and starts typing anything and everything that comes to his mind after looking at the daily prompt. Sometimes thinking that his writing is nice. Trying to check out all the comments coming replying and liking all the trackbacks and pingbacks, surely after reading them. Always writing in simple sentences because that is what he understands the best. Many times using similes which at times are out of place.

To be truthful this is an average guys blog who is not trying to impress anyone in particular. I look at life from my point of view which is sometimes too simplified because I am what I am. I love reading others blogs but hardly try to imitate. Yes I do get influenced and at times it shows that is the reason I do not read others posts before writing my blog on the daily prompt.

You have to understand in my part of the world we do not have ‘Halloween’. So I have no idea what it is though I know it means a ‘Holy Evening’ when you remember the dead including the ‘Saints, martyrs and all the faithful departed believers’. As far as Saints or great people why do we have to have one single evening dedicated to remembering them why not everyday. More important then remembering them one evening is to follow their footsteps. This way we could a lot more good to this world, of course we have to begin someday then let it be this Halloween.

Enjoy your Halloween.All of you there who are out to get some real treat other then this blog treat, take one more on my behalf and enjoy. Love you all

First meeting

Well  I am almost 16 hours late in joining the post. Why? I had a meeting for the first time with a partner of our company who flew in from China. No he was not a Chinese but a German. This German friend knows a little and English and had this idea that we Indians know English and Spanish. Spanish???? Well we know that they are world champion in football and love their game, love Barcelona but Spanish. So this gentleman starts with a warm Good Morning and then shifts to Spanish. I am listening to Spanish for the first time so you can understand that I do not understand anything. I interrupt him and ask him to shift English. He smiles back says, “My English no good. You no understand Spanish. I have India friends, they speak good Spanish.” 

I tell him that we Indians in India use English and not Spanish. Now he looks astounded says, ” Chinese no understand Spanish, you no understand Spanish my English no good how we talk.” Never mind I assure him we can do with little English. Assured he looks at me and then with lot of hope looks at me asks whether I know German. I remember Anglo-Swiss sure she knows German, will she help? But how I am in a meeting with German friend in India and she must busy in Switzerland with her daily post.I smile back and almost apologetically inform him that no I do not know German. Suddenly it strikes that we both understand financials which are nothing but numbers and standardized across the business world. Accounting processes may be different but we know how to protect our own interest, our turf.

Marathon meeting goes on he shifting to German time and again, we Indian shifting to Hindi without any worry of offending each other. Sign languages come in  time and again in the way that it is used by people who can listen and talk, so it is mostly shrugging of shoulders waving of hand and smiling at each other. God knows how we came to an understanding on our business terms. Now he says with a smile, ”No language but language of business………hahahaha”. I agree we decide to have a party in the evening. I bring in a friend who knows German to translate he brings in one so that he can act as interpreter. Somehow without their help we drink to successful business meet and see I am late for daily post by nearly 15 hours.

Give Pep Talk to youself

Well I am perhaps the only one who needs a pep talk the most after a clumsy day in office. There are many who can give us a pep talk on our off days but do they help. In reality what happens is we listen to the pep talk just like the footballers, sprinters or any other sprinter to encourage. Does it help? The speaker thinks it helps. The coach wants it to help. The listener may also think it helps but reality is only the inner strength and hard practice helps. Ask Usian Bolt, Sachin Tendulkar, Maradona? You do not even need to ask as you know that these people motivate themselves to perform year after year breaking their own records.

Best person to give pep talk to you is yourself. Just look back at your own worst crisis. You helped yourself out. There is story of India of  a robber who used to rob and kill people in the highway. One day he accosted a sage with intention of robbing him. Sage asked him would his family stand to share his sins. He said yes. Sage asked him to confirm with his family. Robber tied up the sage and went ask his family. His wife, parents, son all refused to be part of his sin. He said he was doing all this for his family. Family said that you are earning for your family. We did not ask you to rob or kill. Your duty is to earn for us, we did not ask you commit sin. The robber understood the reality. Hope we also we learn the truth. It is for us to come out for ourselves. Pep talks are just talks.

Best pep talk is the one which we give to ourselves. Robert Bruce gave pep talks to himself to defeat the mighty British army of 20000 with just 5000 soldiers after ignominious defeat earlier. So if you have to give pep talk please give to yourself.




Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words.

Well the seven words to describe me, my life are most difficult to select as we hardly ever measure ourselves in that manner. Quantification in seven words is one of the most difficult task for any one to be true. This kept me thinking for a while and then I just took a piece of paper to write them down as they came to me. The words are:

 LIFE. It is one of the precious gift we have. Living in this beautiful world which gives us everything that we need. Essence of all the truths we decipher. Without life you have perhaps seven other planets in this very solar system where no one loves mother nature the way we do.

LOVE. The ultimate word which keeps us going. Loving your life, your family, your community, your country, your world. Otherwise everything else would be meaningless. Those who lose love have no urge to live. To my mind LOVE is LIFE.

SPIRITUAL. A difficult word but it is the truth. It is not about religion but about your inner self. Religion can lead to hatred, to war. Clash of civilization but spirituality is the essence of life which teaches you to love everybody, friend or foe. Teaches you to be compassionate. Even those who are atheist can be spiritual because it has nothing to do with God who exists outside but the God who exists in you. When you become truly spiritual you become one with God and love everybody whether he/ she belongs to your religion or not. One of the best examples I can quote here is of Mother Teresa. She helped poor and needy irrespective whether they were Christians or Hindus or Muslims.

GREAT. The word which I use the most to show appreciation of anything good. A word used as an appreciation. Show me a person who will not like to be called great right from Alexander to you.

WORK. It is the way to all happiness. We are continuously working, our heart pumping blood all the time we are alive. Our lungs working without stop to keep us breathing. In reality work is the only God who remains. We may die but our work remains. It is said that the WORK WHICH DONE WITHOUT ANY ATTACHMENT IS THE REAL WORK. Work with all your sincerity and results will come.

BETTER. We can always do anything better then what we have done before. Just let us take the example of writing our blogs. Check out your older blogs, re read them and you will always find scope for betterment. Similarly we can always better ourselves in every respect. We can be better human beings if we just try.

THANK YOU. This is just something which we miss at times. More we use it better will we feel because it is returned by a smile which is perhaps more sincere then the Thank You that you gave.

Quota of Sleep

I wish I had this 6 am schedule but when you have a military man as your father who is also a strict disciplinarian that hour becomes a little too leisurely. To add on it my school started at 7.30am so getting up at 5 am has become an habit that I cannot shake off. Not at my age when my own son is a grad student. I have seen that even when I am little too late to go to bed say around 3 am I invariably get up by 5.30 am.

In real life 6 am is really the golden hour though not dawn in our part of world here we have sunrise by 4.45am in summer and 5.15am in winter. The chirruping of birds, morning glow world rising to a new day, new life is indeed what makes one love life at its best. Just before hustle bustle of a busy day the roads are almost empty and welcoming so is life which almost whispers in your ear to come and enjoy. Grab the opportunity be good, to be successful an invitation that the day gives us everyday. The golden hour is the time when we can plan out our day (if you are management type who has his/her plan made before retiring every night then you could just check it out).

Those who are early birds come what may then if you have gone to bed at 3 am and bleary eyed then you have atleast time to say your prayers (fall asleep while praying) which can be comforting to say the least. If you are an atheist then never mind if you have woken up plan to go to bed early and you will find planning will make you fall asleep. Late night people should make every attempt to have little more sleep never mind the golden hour otherwise if you fall asleep while driving which may mean final sleep either for you or any one you crash in. Come what may try and have your full quota of sleep. As we age total time sleep decreases but sleep is one of the most important factor in our life. We get our quota of real rest when we sleep otherwise we increase either our BP, blood sugar which in turn can lead to Cardiac (heart) or Cerebral (brain) disorders.

Golden hour is not a particular time on your clock but a time when you get up from your bed after your full quota of sleep. Live life and enjoy, the world is too beautiful.


Waiting to break

Only one habit to break? That is difficult ask. I have number of habits that need to be broken. Difficulty in breaking a habit is if you take out h abit remains. Take out a and bit remains. Okay let us take out b then also it remains. If you go to personality training they would say if you practice hard enough you will be able to change your habit. That would minimum 21 days of conscious effort. Enough on the word habit now I should get to my bad habits.

One of my favorite habit is putting off things till the last moment. Procrastination. How do you change your favorite habit. It gives immense pleasure to put off things, gives me enough time to blog or do whatever I would like. Best of it day dream. Only at the nth moment it puts you under extreme stress. There are times when I promise not to procrastinate at all. To no avail the habit returns. Habit is such a thing that however hard you try it is very difficult to break.

Now coming to the second habit which I would like to change is impulsiveness. At times I react even before listening to others. This has landed me in very awkward and uncomfortable position time and again. Every time I try to be rational there is one or other action or word which would make me react even before listening to the other party. I think next time I will keep pinching myself when I am in a meeting with anyone so that I do not react.

Third habit which I think is worst my habit going into my shell. When I am too upset I just tend to go in to my shell. These are times when I seem to lose all interest in every thing around me and my irritation shows in every  damn thing. My near and dear ones try and avoid me during these periods. My son says I become so unpredictable that it is better to keep away from me.

Well do they play any positive role in my life. Difficult question once again. Positive role of Procrastination, Impulsiveness and Depression in my life.

Important work to do

Act is what I should

Yet my daydreams takes over

Work is pushed back, I procrastinate

D day comes I rush over

Half prepared nervous, cocky

Answer queries even before they are asked

Clear doubts which do not exist

Meeting over, job done

Back to my life with nothing to do

Daydreams don’t return

Irritation takes over

Depression sets in

Waiting for the next work to do

Next daydream to start

Waiting for the positivity to come.

Completely Lost

Here we are morphing or mutating

Or changing colors like a chameleon

Suiting to the need, real or virtual

Completely oblivious of our real self

Just to be more popular

Morphing or mutating at will.


Devoid of sense or reason

Sometimes just for the heck of it

Living with multiple character

Trying to fit in here and there

Leading us away from the normal

Psychic problems on the rise

Due to our living for the heck of it.


Sharper tongues, harsher words

Slicing through the conscience

Hurting but making no difference

Away from our own style

Has become our hallmark

Increasing owns self esteem.


Sitting alone on my desk

Oblivious of the world around

Critiquing self, disturbed

Lies emanating from inside

Revealing itself as truth

Feeling lost, completely lost.




Which Culture is Best

‘Hey do you know about the spacecraft

They are putting best of modern culture to space.’

‘Modern culture to space, why?

Trying to throw it away’

‘Oh! you are always negative

Its like Noah’s Ark, so that best is saved.’

‘Why has the end of earth been predicted

Will they only save culture and our race.’

‘Negativity in thinking that’s your way

Preserving the culture for the future’

‘How do you know what is best today

May not be good enough in the future’

‘That is for the future to decide

We have a duty, a prompt to abide’

‘What is the best, who is to decide

World is no small place all cultures are different’

‘Now we have real problem

We will take best of all of the cultures which are different’

‘Will we take each from every country

That will mean 195 cultures, will that be problem.’

‘What? So many countries

Take the best of them forget the rest.’

‘Now perhaps we have a plan

Problem remains, who will decide which is the best’

‘Another problem, which culture is best

Do not send any of them to space.’

‘ Do not send anyone that is the best

If you have to send then save our race.’

Tongue jammed

Hid in our heart, unexpressed

Stories big and small, desires suppressed

Life going on, dreams stifled

Long forgotten we live, life failed.

When in my teens, saw her

Oh those beautiful eyes, kohl lined

Dreams that were mine, seen on those eyes

The smile, fluttering of her eyelids, dimple on her cheeks

Made me lose my heart, my mind

How unsure I stood, words failed

She smiled, eyes beckoning yet I lost her.

Just out of teens, confidence surging

With a plan in hand, drawn to detail

All loose ends tied, well prepared

Walked in to the room, success awaiting

Stammer, for the first time, I did

World seemed upside as words failed again.

Thirty years later, I met her again

Smiled we at each other

Talked all the time

Reminiscing past, gossips long forgotten

My heart skipped a beat, dreams returned

Wife called, my tongue jammed, I lost her again.

Shock and Awe

Late in the night, as pressure built up

Winds did not blow, stillness everywhere

Quizzical looks, frustrated thoughts

‘How will we bring the sagging business up.’

Feeling down more by sleep, then by distress

We had to think something brilliant, to bring business up.

‘Shock and Awe, that’s the way

Only then can we bring the sales up.’

‘Shock and Awe, we bomb our cities

To bring our business up?’

‘Oh so stupid! That is the name

Advertisement campaign that will bring business up.’

‘Brilliant! Boss, you are only hope

Who can Shock and Awe to bring business up.’

‘Ask the firm to bring a campaign

Don’t care true or false, to take sales up.’

‘You mean Shock the customer with truth

Awe him to purchase, bring business up.’

‘There you are, my boy

I am only one who can bring the business up.’

Perspiring and breathless in the bed

I run,to catch the train, late to get up.