Man is not a puppet but master of the Nature

We are bits and pieces of our past. Our DNA. So where to start from. I start from Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon or something more recent. I am an Indian and if you want really scientific part then to quote scientifically ‘While tool using Homo erectus populations have been in India for over 500 kybp(thousand years before present), fossil human remains appear only after 45-50 kybp, associated with middle palaeolithic, or stone age tools [Agarwal, 1982; Agarwal and Ghosh, 1973; Agarwal and Ghosh, 1973; Agarwal and Kusumgar, 1974; Kennedy, 1980]. This is as per Indian Institute of Science. Many studies on genetics give conflicting reports which at most times can be extremely confusing. One of the reports published tells that ‘It established through genomic analyses that people in north India were no different from those in the south and that all shared the same genetic lineage . It also established that people of north and south were part of the same culture. We analyzed over 500,000 genetic markers across diverse groups, including the traditional “upper” /” lower” castes and tribal groups and proved that there was no difference between tribal populations and castes, and it was impossible to make a distinction between them.’ Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology.

I belong to a country where social stratification is so strong that in uneducated, less educated and even educated masses caste becomes very important. Then we have something called Gotra which signifies our lineage for thousands of years and here marriages in the same gotra is prohibited as they are thought to be of same lineage. Something to say you become a sibling with a person having the same gotra. Though it may not very prevalent with people in the blogging community or may be we are not brave enough to accept the same.

We Indians are proud of our Vedic religion which is one of the oldest religion in the world. That does not mean that we have only one religion in our country we have all the religions thriving in our country. We have highest number of Hindus in India and also Biggest Muslim population of the world. In India there are nearly 24 million Christians (Christianity was introduced to India by Thomas the Apostle, who visited Muziris in Kerala in 52 AD to spread the gospel) . To add to them there are Sikhs, Buddhists,Jains etc

That makes us genetically a hodgepodge and to understand my DNA would I am sure that will fetch me a Nobel Prize. My god I write a blog which is fetches me a Nobel Prize, that’s great don’t you agree. Now to my own straits. The Prompt says that how the quick-fuse temper gets us in trouble. Well quick fuse temper is not always associated with our DNA model but to environment of our growing up and yes it does get me in trouble.

If we are looking at DNA only well I am man of medium built with balding pat credit for which goes to my father and grandfather. My Grandpa lost his hair line by the time he was 30-32, my father started losing his hair when he reached 28 and continuing heredity train my hairline started receding when I reached 26.No DNA test required to test my family lineage. From my maternal side I did get that great waistline to reduce which you need to go Gym, morning walk or jogging, dietician etc but it remains. So one can clearly understand with a balding plate, bulging waistline and short height I must look like the most pitiable character in the world. Whether I want or not these are certain attributes I am sure to pass on to son. Ofcourse he has that slim chance doing better then me as his mother’s lineage is almost diametrically opposite to that of mine.

Now for something better. I do have this knack for literature which I think, I am sure I inherited from my father. My Grandpa had this first edition of Complete Works of Shakespeare, which  he gave away to one of his friends to never get back. My father also inherited this love for literature which from him perhaps passed on to me. Though my father could not carry on with his love for literature, dis[placement after partition of India robbed him of that pleasure.I despite being in a profession which has all the demands on my selling skills gives me a chance to read while on move.. I am happy that though my son is in engineering has this knack for literature intact which gives him the liberty to give wings to his dream, though in the form of drawing cartoons.

My mother had this love for drama. She was a part of culture troop, amateur. She took to portraying varied roles both in Drama and Jatra. Jatra is form of drama in West Bengal (a state in India) and Bangladesh where the theatrical presentation is done three sides open to the audience. Those theatrical moments which I have seen from childhood brings out the artist in me which can enact scenes spontaneously, especially helpful when I have to show impossible to be possible to my customers,my team.

One thing is for sure neither my mother, who died in 2000 or my father love to have this most hated and feared Cancer touch me. My Paternal Great grandmother,two uncles have died of that dreaded disease. My maternal grandmother, my mother were its victim. We have this heart disease which is proven to be inherited. I with all the material evidence have shown it to my father that there is no proven data to show that Cancer is in heredity but despite his age he worries himself to his own discomfort.

Somewhere in my mind I wish that this dread stops with me. I am unable to pass on this dread to my son or my grandchildren.That is my dream. I have stopped smoking, stopped taking anything that is known to result in increasing this risk of cancer. I have tried to inculcate these values in my son. As regarding the real danger of Cardiac complication I have maintained this habit of regular exercise, maintaining healthy lifestyle to reduce the chance of cardiac complication. Man is not immortal only his work is yet we should take up the challenge to take care to reduce the risk of all the diseases which our DNA blueprint carries. That is perhaps the only way we can prove that man is is not a puppet in the hands of the nature but a master of it by maintaining it.


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