Something Great, Exhilarating

Why do you pick up a book or click on a blog ??? Well something in us just rings….. what rings that depends upon you. As far as I am concerned it is something that has to turn me on. The title, the author or the subject. Well never thought of it in this manner. It was always any book that had great reviews or an author whose previous book had touched me or fiction that had right twists and turns.

First time authors who have a very nice story sketch do attract me. Why ? Fresh views, originality and good research is what attracts me and perhaps everybody else. Well known authors have this originality and they are all very thorough in their research which binds their readership. You know that they can be unpredictable and expect them to be go for unusual twists. Despite knowing all of that we hang on to them start thinking we have understood all that they want to tell. Lo, then comes the surprise which shocks us. The story really develops on us, we start identifying ourselves with one or the other character. That is what perhaps pulls us to a book. Really good ones we read again and again. They are read but it seems to us that we are visualizing the whole story unfold, that is what pulls me, touches me, turns me on.

When it comes to blog the perspective is completely different. Here you want to know the view point of another person residing in perhaps another continent, another country, another culture. You know that people who are completely in different time zones whose values are different from yours, whose dreams are so far away that forget dreaming them even in your dreams they seem implausible. to be able to connect to such a wide variety people is in itself something great, exhilarating. Best part of blog is when people comment on your write up, approve or dissent. To add on it how do you get to connect with and have your writing for scrutiny from across the world. Even if you are best author in USA or Europe there is no gurantee that your book will have circulation so great that everybody will be reading you. Here at least there is a chance that people will. People like me who read just to know that what anybody or everybody thinks about a prompt and how close or near I am with my understanding.


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