WIthout loosing privacy

Every wants to have control. The government has the resources and power to control each and every citizen.They show that the need to know what is happening in the social media is important for them to save the citizenry from the stateless terrorist. In the bargain we the citizens loose our privacy we have the government poking its nose in everything almost as if the whole world is under Chinese rule.

With this kind of mindset if someone still dares to make me the PM on the net then first thing I am going to do is make net connectivity a must for every citizen of my country. A surcharge will be added on the TAX being paid to ensure that the e-connectivity reaches the poorest of the poor. E-connectivity will also ensure newer methods of teaching and improve realization of the subject to the students who will be able to visualize what they are studying. To add on to it the whole Government machinery has to run online, with portals being open to all who would like to connect. This will ensure that even general masses will have access to all the data required and lead to substantial reduction in corruption.

Anybody found to be swooping on to personal information of any person will be off from the net. This will mean that the person will be off all the welfare program running and will be penalized heavily. Thinking of it there has to be some sort of monitoring to ensure that terrorism or hatred is not spread online but the onus should be more on the service provider and not the job of the government. This like self censorship maintained by the print media which does not print letters which can be used for the purpose of propaganda to fan hatred,  unrest.

Well thank you helping me fantasize. To become Prime Minister you have to a politician. Then if you are leading a coalition which is more of need basis and not on principle, many of decisions are to ensure that you remain in power. I need to be politics first and ready to compromise. Or I should be a critic, which by the I am.


4 thoughts on “WIthout loosing privacy

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