Come the season of festivity and India as we are always splashed with plethora of colors. Some are so artistically put that you stand mesmerized, breathless at the view. The one above is view of the Pandal of one of the most famous Durga Puja in Kolkata. If you are not yet awestruck take a look at this one


These are nothing but temporary structures made for showing the Idol of Mother Goddess in her best and believe it or not one can see queues from afternoon 6 pm to early morning 4 am. If you look at Picasso paintings such as this one         Image

Paintings of M.F.Hussain


Or by Jamini Roy


They leave us at loss for words. Well that is what a stunning piece of art does to us. Awestruck.

(All Photos Courtesy Google)


6 thoughts on “Awestruck

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