Befriending my nephew and niece

The flight from London landed at 3.30 pm. I was waiting eagerly for my sister whom I was meeting after six long years and her two kids for the first time. Rima and Ayan were coming to India, to Kolkata for the first time since their birth. I was excited and a little apprehensive as to how they would react to me, whose accent was quite different from the anglicized accent they had heard till now. My sister had forewarned that her two little ones understood a little Bengali but spoke none. This was expected my brother-in-law being an British. All the time I kept thinking how I could become friends with Rima and Ayan.

I picked them up from Airport, we two brother and sister were rejoiced almost in the manner we had been when we were young. As we hugged each other Ayan started pushing me. Here was an unknown hugging his mother and he was the man to protect her. Mini and I laughed, I bent down to pick up Ayan. My actions perhaps infuriated him even more and as with all the children first they shriek and then cry. The indications were clear he had started considering me as an enemy. Now I had make amends. I decided it is better to make friends with Rima, my only way of becoming close to Ayan was through her. In the meantime Mini seeing her son wail got angry on the poor kid which made him cry out even louder. Somehow all this made Rima withdraw into a shell. This meant my apprehensions were coming true.

On the way I and Mini talked incessantly, me trying to fill her up with all the news she had missed. She shared about her life in London, her work, all the stories about Patrick. As we talked from the corner of my eyes I saw Rima and Ayan sulking trying to hide from my sight. I decided it was best I started to talk them once we reached my place. After reaching home I decided to give them even more space to get acquainted with the new environment. To add on to that the jet lag must have made them let irritated.

Next morning as they got up I decided that smile and music were two things that were universal symbol of friendship. My biggest problem was that my son had grown up and I hardly knew what children liked to listen. As they had slept last night I had deliberately sat watching all the children networks like Cartoon Network, Nickledon and few other. I decided to download some of the music from the internet, recorded some. Cajoled my college going son to make  a CD or load the music on a pen drive. Well to tell you the truth my son fleeced me to make the CD. 

I walked into the room with music CD put it on. Both of them were initially it seemed were little perplexed but at the least they were not screaming. I saw my chance and grabbed it both hands. I acted almost like the cartoons and after some initial hesitation they were laughing. Sorry I have forgotten what those songs were as they both have also grown up a little and have accepted my accented english, like my stories sent to them through e-mail, I would have loaded the same for all the young ones over here reading the blogs to laugh and those of my age to make their nephew or niece laugh.


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