Never Unplug

Unplug the Blog…………. well it is my only stress buster. You don’t take that away from me. My heavy work pressure at times can make me to skip blog. That will be really painful. Actually before coming to blog I was either trying to read or write for myself. This gives me a kind of freedom to know that there are many more people like me who just love to write joke about themselves and be brutally true about themselves. Add to it there may be many in the blogosphere  who may share your feelings and may like what you post comment and mostly pingback there own stories. To add to it we also try our hand at literature, try out something that we believed, which perhaps no publisher will try to publish (this is pun intended on myself. So sorry if you have to unplug me you have to give me heavier workload, on my own I will in all probability will never unplug altogether.


6 thoughts on “Never Unplug

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