Alas, stopped daydreaming

Addiction is one of the most dreaded word almost associated to either alcoholism or drug. There are also cases of sex addiction and other despicable acts associated with it. If you love reading books you are initially a book lover and then over a period of time you become bookworm, perhaps a slang used for those addicted to those addicted to books.  Those always wanting to stay connected through internet are  addicted to net. Well I am addicted to daydreaming which at one point of time led me to procrastination.

Addiction to daydreaming is major problem because it leads you far away from your task in hand. You get into a make believe world of your own and I believe those who are unable to stop at proper time may eventually be lead to schizophrenia. You have imaginary friends , your own castles in the air a complete life from you do not need to come out. It delays the real life which should go on schedule. I started postponing my real work because the pseudo life was so full of accomplishments. In it at one go I was a physicist, writer and what not. I never needed to pen down my thoughts but the stories turned into novels. The difficult equations were solved without touching the pen or scratching the paper(what a miss I could have easily proven the existence of God Particle then and shared the {Physics Nobel with Peter Higgs).

This was a period when my life went down hill.I was in College and my results deteriorated. Worse it got more I got into my daydreams. Then I do not know slowly after some plain talking my most trusted and close friends I came out of it my world of dreams.

I had work much hard after that to make my life come back on track. Do I regret those days? Yes. I wasted my analytical skills in physics however used some of it for my marketing job. Have become more cynical about my own self. Gained the ability to put words to my daydreams which can become good stories. Alas, I have stopped daydreaming.


5 thoughts on “Alas, stopped daydreaming

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