Immortalize my small action


My own sculptor carving me from past one month for immortality. I asked a friend of mine who does some sculpting would he like to sculpt me. He said even if given a fortune he won’t. Now Daily prompt gives me an opportunity to go to immortality. All the sculptures were of super fit people who looked so good whether in the imagination of Michelangelo or in reality so that ensures anybody like me with a pouch and bald head with none so sharp features has negligible chance of being immortalized.

For the sake of the prompt if given a chance I would love to have the above picture of my giving a T-shirt to less fortunate Arjun who is not just disabled but also comes from one of the poorest families with little opportunity. In a country where even graduates find it difficult to land any job forget a decent job people like Arjun are marginalized. Why this photograph to be sculpted? Do I want to immortalize my small action of giving?

I would like this picture to be sculpted just to make everybody feel the joy of giving. We all in our run for the success, to earn a little more forget to feel that we are the lucky ones who have and not the marginalized one. Even if we can share our one days earning with someone who needs that little help then we will perhaps do a world of good to the world. Do more poverty reduction then what our great leaders debate and discuss in UN general assembly or G-20 or G-8 summit. If you could give some education which helps these poor people to come up and stand for themselves that would be a great achievement for each one of us. All in our own way.

Will that not be nice? By the way what do you think about my idea of me being sculpted? Please let me know.








9 thoughts on “Immortalize my small action

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