In a Forest Bungalow

I was going to a tour with a group of friends. Monsoon was on and we had this idea that if you want to enjoy forests it should be in the rainy season. There were seven of us and we were in a SUV moving by road. It was all boys gang and we had taken everything with us for our trek cum excursion. After taking the dirt track we had first of our small mishaps, one of the tyres got punctured.

As if misfortune became a part of our tour, all our plans got washed away in heavy rains. We had put up in Forest Bungalow and as the fate would have next morning there was incessant down pour, on top of it the cook at the bungalow took ill. There were other boarders with very few who knew how to cook. Now in my country the staple food in either rice or wheat. In my part of the country it is rice. I along with few of the other boarders we checked the kitchen and saw there was enough rice to cook, also there was split red lentil, enough vegetables to make mixed vegetables and live chicken which had to be dressed to be cooked.

There is a problem with us males as many of us think it is more manly to do many things but not cook. Though all acclaimed Chefs in the world are male, most men will proudly announce that they cannot cook. I being the only son had to help my mother in her daily chores as my father being in armed forces was almost always on duty. So I was one to volunteer. Luckily we had a person who was in food business and he took up the responsibility to cook and help us do some cooking. We asked one of the male super ego who was laughing at us for trying to cook to help dress the chicken. Later on he got the nickname ‘Butcher’ which he initially enjoyed but as age caught up hated.

This was first step to be part of the process by which I started being of some little help to the society in which I lived. My first step towards community service. It started with cleaning utensils for the Bungalow boarders to have a proper meal on that day when we were all stuck in rains from which we later we had to be rescued after spending three sleepless night. Somehow this bug of being little help to the community or society stuck to me. 


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