Country of Paradoxes

I live in country of paradoxes.


There was a cyclone warning and more then 750000 people were moved to cyclone shelters from there huts.With wind speed upto 200kms/hr only 36 died thought nearly 12 million people were affected. Meteorological science development was for all to see. Our forecasts were more specific then US or European estimates. Kudos!


However nearly 115 people died in a stampede just two days later while trying to visit a temple. Police blamed it on rush to visit the temple.


Latest is Government is trying to dig gold from a place beneath an old fort after a Holy Man sees a dream in which the King Raja Ram Bux Singh, who was hanged in 1858. So what comes before science or a holy man’s dream.

Anyway if Gold is found then we will have a tussle between state government and centre. Descendents of the King will not be far behind for sure.


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