Putting words to your thought

Daphne duMmaurier in Rebecca wrote boredom is pleasing antidote for fear. I think quite otherwise. When you are bored to death you would love anything to replace it, even fear. My present assignment, from May onwards, means I return home by 6.30pm while my wife returns around 9pm. Preparing dinner is easy because we eat Roti (unleavened flatbread) and mixed vegetables almost every night, my role is making mixed vegetables while she makes the Rotis. Making mixed vegetables takes around half an hour. Checking my mail, watching News leaves me with some time which needs to be spent. My son who is studying engineering introduced me to Blog writing.  I asked him what to write and he introduced me daily prompt.


First few days I read what others were writing but did not dare to write. Who will read my stories and why should anyone read at all. My son said well for the same reasons why you read others stories. Quite possible yet doubt lingered. I wrote my first post which I did not publish but just erased it. Why you know? It sounded like an official communication or an instruction chart. Second one read like a compliance report. Third one was nothing but my assignment….. a training manual. Now this blogging was getting on my nerve. Everyday after returning from work after finishing my part of housework I would sit at my station look at the daily prompt try and write out something, read it and then carefully erase it.

On 7th Sept.’13 I wrote a blog on Future. Quite unsure I decided to just publish it, said to myself why worry I still have so many friend on facebook and many in the real world. Here they may or may not like me but there they accept me as I am.

Now question is what it was like to set it free? Once after all the nervousness you set a post free it is not relief but even more  tense. Will anybody read? It is not an official communication which your colleagues are bound to read and respond. It is your feelings which you have expressed and that too for the first time. You eagerly wait for a response. Something that will show that yes you can write something other then those typical official letters. Somewhere inside you wait to see with bated breath what happens. I had 2 people liking and I am thankful to them that from then onwards I have been writing almost everyday hoping that people will like it, will comment on it, send pingbacks. So much so that today it is my 50th Post. Thanks to all my friends who follow, who like my writing. It is because of you all and Daily prompt now I can surely say blogging is a pleasing antidote to boredom, fear. Blogging is putting words to your thoughts.


Please do comment and if you like then follow me……………


13 thoughts on “Putting words to your thought

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