Difficult is the new to understand

The fourth and fourteenth words were respectively difficult and to, understand was added by me to give some meaning. How do I start ‘Difficult is the new prompt to understand’ would have been better heading. What do I write  which is difficult to understand. I am a simple man who returns from office to write in simple sentences which are easy to comprehend but the prompt wants me to write something which is difficult to understand.

The most difficult to understand is the nature of any person. You do not know what will hurt, which spur of the moment comment will create a major flare up. The reality is we are sometimes too touchy on certain things which at the best should be ignored. Sometimes silly jokes can create such havoc in a normal relationship which can be easily ignored. Perhaps this is life, this is why we have to keep checks and balances in every relationship. Even innocuous comments lead to serious strain in relationship.

Difficulty in understanding personal relationship is one of the major reason for not only inter-personal clashes but can create crisis amongst nations. I have faced some very unusual problems while trying to be easy going as I have been taken as too easy going , not serious enough. This has times made me keep to myself which is again understood as high nosed or too aloof. It is much better to be yourself, try not make spur of the moment comment. That is easier when you are writing but quite difficult when you are conversing. So ‘Difficult is the new approach to understand.’



11 thoughts on “Difficult is the new to understand

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