Shock and Awe

Late in the night, as pressure built up

Winds did not blow, stillness everywhere

Quizzical looks, frustrated thoughts

‘How will we bring the sagging business up.’

Feeling down more by sleep, then by distress

We had to think something brilliant, to bring business up.

‘Shock and Awe, that’s the way

Only then can we bring the sales up.’

‘Shock and Awe, we bomb our cities

To bring our business up?’

‘Oh so stupid! That is the name

Advertisement campaign that will bring business up.’

‘Brilliant! Boss, you are only hope

Who can Shock and Awe to bring business up.’

‘Ask the firm to bring a campaign

Don’t care true or false, to take sales up.’

‘You mean Shock the customer with truth

Awe him to purchase, bring business up.’

‘There you are, my boy

I am only one who can bring the business up.’

Perspiring and breathless in the bed

I run,to catch the train, late to get up.


12 thoughts on “Shock and Awe

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