Waiting to break

Only one habit to break? That is difficult ask. I have number of habits that need to be broken. Difficulty in breaking a habit is if you take out h abit remains. Take out a and bit remains. Okay let us take out b then also it remains. If you go to personality training they would say if you practice hard enough you will be able to change your habit. That would minimum 21 days of conscious effort. Enough on the word habit now I should get to my bad habits.

One of my favorite habit is putting off things till the last moment. Procrastination. How do you change your favorite habit. It gives immense pleasure to put off things, gives me enough time to blog or do whatever I would like. Best of it day dream. Only at the nth moment it puts you under extreme stress. There are times when I promise not to procrastinate at all. To no avail the habit returns. Habit is such a thing that however hard you try it is very difficult to break.

Now coming to the second habit which I would like to change is impulsiveness. At times I react even before listening to others. This has landed me in very awkward and uncomfortable position time and again. Every time I try to be rational there is one or other action or word which would make me react even before listening to the other party. I think next time I will keep pinching myself when I am in a meeting with anyone so that I do not react.

Third habit which I think is worst my habit going into my shell. When I am too upset I just tend to go in to my shell. These are times when I seem to lose all interest in every thing around me and my irritation shows in every  damn thing. My near and dear ones try and avoid me during these periods. My son says I become so unpredictable that it is better to keep away from me.

Well do they play any positive role in my life. Difficult question once again. Positive role of Procrastination, Impulsiveness and Depression in my life.

Important work to do

Act is what I should

Yet my daydreams takes over

Work is pushed back, I procrastinate

D day comes I rush over

Half prepared nervous, cocky

Answer queries even before they are asked

Clear doubts which do not exist

Meeting over, job done

Back to my life with nothing to do

Daydreams don’t return

Irritation takes over

Depression sets in

Waiting for the next work to do

Next daydream to start

Waiting for the positivity to come.


10 thoughts on “Waiting to break

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