Quota of Sleep

I wish I had this 6 am schedule but when you have a military man as your father who is also a strict disciplinarian that hour becomes a little too leisurely. To add on it my school started at 7.30am so getting up at 5 am has become an habit that I cannot shake off. Not at my age when my own son is a grad student. I have seen that even when I am little too late to go to bed say around 3 am I invariably get up by 5.30 am.

In real life 6 am is really the golden hour though not dawn in our part of world here we have sunrise by 4.45am in summer and 5.15am in winter. The chirruping of birds, morning glow world rising to a new day, new life is indeed what makes one love life at its best. Just before hustle bustle of a busy day the roads are almost empty and welcoming so is life which almost whispers in your ear to come and enjoy. Grab the opportunity be good, to be successful an invitation that the day gives us everyday. The golden hour is the time when we can plan out our day (if you are management type who has his/her plan made before retiring every night then you could just check it out).

Those who are early birds come what may then if you have gone to bed at 3 am and bleary eyed then you have atleast time to say your prayers (fall asleep while praying) which can be comforting to say the least. If you are an atheist then never mind if you have woken up plan to go to bed early and you will find planning will make you fall asleep. Late night people should make every attempt to have little more sleep never mind the golden hour otherwise if you fall asleep while driving which may mean final sleep either for you or any one you crash in. Come what may try and have your full quota of sleep. As we age total time sleep decreases but sleep is one of the most important factor in our life. We get our quota of real rest when we sleep otherwise we increase either our BP, blood sugar which in turn can lead to Cardiac (heart) or Cerebral (brain) disorders.

Golden hour is not a particular time on your clock but a time when you get up from your bed after your full quota of sleep. Live life and enjoy, the world is too beautiful.



6 thoughts on “Quota of Sleep

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