Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words.

Well the seven words to describe me, my life are most difficult to select as we hardly ever measure ourselves in that manner. Quantification in seven words is one of the most difficult task for any one to be true. This kept me thinking for a while and then I just took a piece of paper to write them down as they came to me. The words are:

 LIFE. It is one of the precious gift we have. Living in this beautiful world which gives us everything that we need. Essence of all the truths we decipher. Without life you have perhaps seven other planets in this very solar system where no one loves mother nature the way we do.

LOVE. The ultimate word which keeps us going. Loving your life, your family, your community, your country, your world. Otherwise everything else would be meaningless. Those who lose love have no urge to live. To my mind LOVE is LIFE.

SPIRITUAL. A difficult word but it is the truth. It is not about religion but about your inner self. Religion can lead to hatred, to war. Clash of civilization but spirituality is the essence of life which teaches you to love everybody, friend or foe. Teaches you to be compassionate. Even those who are atheist can be spiritual because it has nothing to do with God who exists outside but the God who exists in you. When you become truly spiritual you become one with God and love everybody whether he/ she belongs to your religion or not. One of the best examples I can quote here is of Mother Teresa. She helped poor and needy irrespective whether they were Christians or Hindus or Muslims.

GREAT. The word which I use the most to show appreciation of anything good. A word used as an appreciation. Show me a person who will not like to be called great right from Alexander to you.

WORK. It is the way to all happiness. We are continuously working, our heart pumping blood all the time we are alive. Our lungs working without stop to keep us breathing. In reality work is the only God who remains. We may die but our work remains. It is said that the WORK WHICH DONE WITHOUT ANY ATTACHMENT IS THE REAL WORK. Work with all your sincerity and results will come.

BETTER. We can always do anything better then what we have done before. Just let us take the example of writing our blogs. Check out your older blogs, re read them and you will always find scope for betterment. Similarly we can always better ourselves in every respect. We can be better human beings if we just try.

THANK YOU. This is just something which we miss at times. More we use it better will we feel because it is returned by a smile which is perhaps more sincere then the Thank You that you gave.


21 thoughts on “SEVEN WORDS THAT MAKE US

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  17. Better. Very good word. There is always room for improvement. Not many would chose “better”. The word has many meanings behind it. Better is a much stronger word than improvement. 🙂

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