Give Pep Talk to youself

Well I am perhaps the only one who needs a pep talk the most after a clumsy day in office. There are many who can give us a pep talk on our off days but do they help. In reality what happens is we listen to the pep talk just like the footballers, sprinters or any other sprinter to encourage. Does it help? The speaker thinks it helps. The coach wants it to help. The listener may also think it helps but reality is only the inner strength and hard practice helps. Ask Usian Bolt, Sachin Tendulkar, Maradona? You do not even need to ask as you know that these people motivate themselves to perform year after year breaking their own records.

Best person to give pep talk to you is yourself. Just look back at your own worst crisis. You helped yourself out. There is story of India of  a robber who used to rob and kill people in the highway. One day he accosted a sage with intention of robbing him. Sage asked him would his family stand to share his sins. He said yes. Sage asked him to confirm with his family. Robber tied up the sage and went ask his family. His wife, parents, son all refused to be part of his sin. He said he was doing all this for his family. Family said that you are earning for your family. We did not ask you to rob or kill. Your duty is to earn for us, we did not ask you commit sin. The robber understood the reality. Hope we also we learn the truth. It is for us to come out for ourselves. Pep talks are just talks.

Best pep talk is the one which we give to ourselves. Robert Bruce gave pep talks to himself to defeat the mighty British army of 20000 with just 5000 soldiers after ignominious defeat earlier. So if you have to give pep talk please give to yourself.




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