Halloween treat for the bloggers who would be busy going from blog to blog to collect “treats” is what I think most bloggers do everyday. Not just in evening like me, I suppose, but anytime in the day they can manage to. Actually we all keep reading others blog and enjoy, some of us trying to understand the nature thinking across the bloggers world. There are bloggers who are famous enough to have thousands of followers then there are freshly pressed blogs which are nothing but treats that we have almost everyday. 

Now for anyone in search of treat coming to my blog for a treat will find a babbler. One who returns from work sits down (sometimes lies down) and starts typing anything and everything that comes to his mind after looking at the daily prompt. Sometimes thinking that his writing is nice. Trying to check out all the comments coming replying and liking all the trackbacks and pingbacks, surely after reading them. Always writing in simple sentences because that is what he understands the best. Many times using similes which at times are out of place.

To be truthful this is an average guys blog who is not trying to impress anyone in particular. I look at life from my point of view which is sometimes too simplified because I am what I am. I love reading others blogs but hardly try to imitate. Yes I do get influenced and at times it shows that is the reason I do not read others posts before writing my blog on the daily prompt.

You have to understand in my part of the world we do not have ‘Halloween’. So I have no idea what it is though I know it means a ‘Holy Evening’ when you remember the dead including the ‘Saints, martyrs and all the faithful departed believers’. As far as Saints or great people why do we have to have one single evening dedicated to remembering them why not everyday. More important then remembering them one evening is to follow their footsteps. This way we could a lot more good to this world, of course we have to begin someday then let it be this Halloween.

Enjoy your Halloween.All of you there who are out to get some real treat other then this blog treat, take one more on my behalf and enjoy. Love you all


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