Keep Walking

A placebo therapy that would cure, though inexpensive and painless will surely get me a Nobel Prize in Medicine. Which disease would you love eradicate with placebo …….. Cardiac disorder,Cerebral Disorder, Carcinoma or Dementia. Most of these are chronic disorders and need long term expensive treatment. They are difficult to treat and take away all your earnings. Science is all for life style modification but Pharmaceutical companies think it is all this as bullshit. Fast food companies and soft drinks manufacturer will advertise sponsor papers which will try to prove that all the stuff they sell are the only solutions that we have.

Now we have to placebo which will help without hurting  and will be inexpensive. Think , think …… what it can be. Do you know what is the best way to think and talk to yourself…………. . when you are very stressed. Well almost all of us start walking and try to think of the solution. So come let us start walking and start thinking of a placebo that will treat all the diseases that can and should be treated in an inexpensive manner without hurting.

Keep thinking…….. okay lets exercise which can be of great help in reducing obesity decreasing sugar levels and making us much fitter. Problem with some of you including me is that we are not always willing to hit the gym. So what shall people like me do who just cannot make up their mind hit the gym. Okay let us find a solution. Let us walk.Walk. Walk. Keep Walking.


15 thoughts on “Keep Walking

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