What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?

I almost use Google as ready reckoner for anything. Latest use was when I wanted to know what TEN meant. Please do not think of the figure 10 in numerical. It is about a disease regarding which a court ruling has implicated an Indian Hospital to pay damages worth millions. My Doctor friend said TEN is a more severe then Steven- Johnson Syndrome. He told me about the symptoms, prognosis and treatment. He left as he got an emergency call. Now I knew about the dreaded disease which is more of a drug reaction but  I did not know he name of the full name. This is one of those harrowing times when you know almost everything but do not know the real name.

Google has been one of the boon to the modern era. If eras can be divided then we have one pre-Google era and another post-Google Era. It is an encyclopedia which you do not need to carry along with you. Wherever you are you can remain connected (presuming Chinese allow access). To add on it Google has widened the horizons of knowledge though one can safely say that there is an information overload. Many times we get attached to bogus ideas from people who make their posts seem authentic. This is more of an exception then a rule. The Era of knowledge has been inaugurated by Google which offers normal as well as scholarly reports on almost all topics.

Now for all the praise heaped by me there are certain ill effects too. Now if you open symptoms and diagnosis then you will land up with symptoms that will match with so many diseases that in the end you will surely become paranoid knowing that you have almost all the diseases in the world. Even the diseases whose names you did not know will show to exist in you. What you are really missing is that clinically and really you may not have any of the diseases you suspect you have. Your Doctor is the only person who can diagnose your disease  by evaluating your condition. Let him do his job. Similarly let the experts do their job in their respective field, you only read to know what they are doing.

Coming back to TEN it is Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis also known as Lyell’s Syndrome.


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