Inordinate Delay

So bereft ideas that I wait everyday for the daily prompt to give me an idea to write. Always thought what writers block is? Well this is not writers block but blog of a man without an idea of what to write. Actually I have now more respect for people who can write fiction, they make stories out of thin air. Also all of you who are participating in NaNoWriMo, great how you let your your characters grow take shape do their own thing. It is I suppose almost like playing God. You are the only one who knows the end. Your characters grow with their own ambitions, it is for you to grant their prayers. Similar are they who write short stories.

Now coming back to people like me. I am not very imaginative nor very intelligent so I need a topic. My style is also very autobiographical which makes me write only things which I can relate to. Wish I had little part of J.K.Rowling’s imaginative style, making complete fantasy come true to make people like me stand in queues to get a copy of the book for my son. To confess I had started with a small story which started with simple marriage ceremony set in Bengal but within one day so many characters cropped up that I am afraid to go back to it. Everything seems taking its own course. Flavour is not bad but I have lost control on my characters so I stay away from it.

From Monday to Saturday I am always on the wait for the Daily Prompt and that seems to be inordinately delayed almost like some passenger trains in India which at times run 10 – 12 hours behind schedule. Once I had got up on a train which seemed amazingly on time but found my seat occupied. The person occupying my seat simply would not even listen to me. So I went to the Ticket Checker showed him my ticket and ask him to get the seat vacated. He smiled and said that the train I was travelling was just 24 hrs behind schedule. He however promised to get me another seat and assured that no one question my presence in the train though it was not one in which I was booked in. Now India we do not sue for these kind of things. There are already 32 million cases are pending in Indian courts, so if you sue for such silly things then case may be heard say in three years time and final verdict in ten years. so it is not worth the effort. Still no daily prompt………… going to end the wait.


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