Playing GOD

We all Love so many things at different stages of our life…. when I was  a kid I loved chocolates, dreamed of eating chocolates and when refused thought let me get a job and then I will eat only chocolates. As an adolescent took every infatuation as true love only to find next one even better.‘I love you’ was something that I yearned for till I found ‘your salary is credited’ more satisfying.

Times change and our love too changes. We all irrespective who we are or from where we are, whatever religion we belong to we love being GOD. Even the atheists also want to be like GOD in their own way. Which makes us pray more, do good and even fight for our religion.Look at the world history and you will see there are great people in every century. Richest person, Greatest Leader, Wisest King of every century by the end of that or next century relegated to history book. Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Prophet Mohammed, Lord Krishna survive not only books but hearts of the people through centuries. Why?

Maybe they touch us in a way nothing else touches. Infinite love, resoluteness in their thoughts and the simple teaching these men propagated without jingoism. All of them taught us to help others and we try to emulate their teachings. Sometimes we just want to be like them, try and surpass them without being honest to ourselves. It is almost like the priests, preachers who read out Bible, Koran or Gita and sermonize as if they are the ones who are giving it to the world. Most of the times these preachers do not have the understanding of the sermons they deliver. It is almost like talking peril of floods to desert people without showing them the rains. Howsoever hard you may teach they will not understand. These people first need to know the rains that cause floods. By reading the books or squeezing the books they will not understand floods.

I in my endeavor to help the economically backwards at certain times sometimes overdo. At times spending nearly 20% of my salary trying to help and then taking pictures where I am seen helping people. This is what is called playing GOD. Though I think it is my duty to help the needy and it is something I love doing but playing GOD is wrong. Here comes in my wife. She is also in social work, helps many people but she is my check and balance. She stops me at times from overdoing things. She believes imparting education is perhaps better way of helping as it makes them self sufficient for their future. They will not need to depend on the do – good people but be self reliant.


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