Frail looking man

Confused I am most of the time and always I feel I am out of place so what to write. Yes if you ask when was I most confused then there are several instances I can tell you. It was first year of my physics major. I had come from a small town….well no a tiny town…….or rather from a military camp where my father was posted and I studied in the school near to it. We had access to only few books on physics and a reference library where the librarian had such an attachment to the books that she did not lend any to us. So I worked out certain details did lots of calculation and came up with an equation which clearly showed sound waves receding with a certain degree of precision. Overjoyed with my discovery I went to my Professor who a very grumpy man. He looked at my work, took the notebook and threw it away saying he hated cheats. I was stunned. He took out a book and threw it to me asking whether I had cheated it from that book or from some other book. Then just an eighteen year old I almost choked in my tears that welled in as a lump in my throat.

Twenty years later while getting down from Metro at an underground station I find an old man smiling at me. Frail walking with a stick this man approaches me and asks whether I studied Physics in D.A College.Rushing to meet a client I do not want to be distracted yet I stop just to say yes. He holds my hand and says he still remembers me for that honest effort that I did in proving the equation showing dissipation of sound waves. Shocked I look at him. His rudeness that day stopped me from trying to be innovative. Confused I look at him, wanting to shout at him for destroying my favorite dream but what can you say standing at an underground station to frail looking man walking with a stick.


10 thoughts on “Frail looking man

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  6. Wow…. I’m left wondering why a professor would do something like that to a student. I once had a chemistry professor who was quoted as saying he enjoyed to see students fail because it built character! I guess he thought he built a lot of character because he failed exactly 50% of my class.

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