Fear takes baqckseat

Most frightening thing that I found was visiting hospitals that had morgue. Seeing and reading all the stupid ghost stories made me believe from my childhood that all the ghosts resided in the morgues and any time the zombies would come out from the morgue to attack me. Now why me alone was never thought of. I had this mortal fear of seeing a dead body. If any funeral procession ever passed I would just freeze and stay close to my family elders.

In my first days of my job I was required to visit some Medical College hospitals. They had full-fledged anatomy department where dissection were done on cadavers and one of my friend took me for short trip. Now you can understand my condition …….I was almost dying out of fear but tried to keep my composure. She must have noticed something. She quickly took me out of the place to the nearest canteen. Now to the Doctors or to be Doctors these are common sights which they see everyday but to me it was just overwhelming. Moreover I was continuously expecting the cadavers to get up and attack me.

I do not out of fear or due to some infection I was running high fever by evening. My friend came to meet me at around 8 pm and found me cuddled up in my bed. Next day morning she again visited me this time with another man who was a Doctor too. He talked to me in a friendly manner and within an hour he knew about my fear of ghosts. In a day or two we met again and then he told me that his specialization was psychiatry. 

He took it upon himself to break my fear. His talks helped but I refrained from visiting hospitals or a the least going near to the morgue or anatomy department. Two years later one my colleague died in a car crash. We took it on ourselves to see that post mortem was performed at the earliest. I called on my classmate, the lady doctor to see that the post mortem was done at the earliest. She took me along with her and I stayed that evening with her in the morgue. By the time I got back from the morgue I do not know how but no fear remained.

Maybe if you stay at place which frightens you the most the fear takes a back seat. Just like if you do more of maths then the fear of mathematics disappears.


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