Daily Prompt: Perspective

I am going through one of the most difficult phase carrier-wise. Company in which I am working for nearly two decades plus wants to close shop. They want to sell off the company to a french company who want to have people who are in their 30s.  Oh I just wish I was a  30 year old. Just think a 30 year old with two decades of experience ……. but I am not in 30s but in late 40s. Now when you have a college going son and your carrier seems bleak you have only blog and fb to rant and rancor.

We only tend to go through motions of working in our company and looking out for the opportunity that may come knocking. It involves change of location which is not a problem but what I need is right emoluments. We are young country and suddenly in the job market I am bit overage. All this has led me to worry a lot about my future because we do not have social security as is there in US or Europe. Now if the situation demands may I will have to compromise on my pay packet but that is the last resort.

Like every other day for last two decades just as I was driving to my office a call came from a colleague of mine who works for a different company. His company needs someone to take over a post similar to one holding now. He asked me mail my resume to HR immediately. Without wait I mailed my resume to the person concerned as soon as I was able to park my car in one of the side roads. Then on my wait for the reply or at least the acknowledgement began. At around 3 pm I got a call from an unknown number.Now I do not calls from unknown numbers because most of the time those are unsolicited sales calls. Today every call seemed important. When I picked up the phone the man from the other side inquired my name and said that he was from the company where I had applied. He asked me that meeting with the CEO was fixed on 22nd and would I be able to attend the interview.

Everything seemed so pleasant from then on. The Daily Prompt seemed to be made for me to inform all my blogging friends and asking for their good wishes.


23 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Perspective

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  7. You have my good wishes and more. I hold a belief that when we put an energetic request ‘out there’ it tends to invite a response. And you see! May the interview go well and your immediate future employment see your son successfully through college. In peace.

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