Face your fear – feel safe

We all are afraid to change. From the time when we are born or even before we are born we are afraid of change. Just before birth in our mothers womb we feel safe and have to be ejected by mother to meet this world (too simple an explanation). While first going to school most of us cry because we are unsure of the new environ and feel unsafe.As we grow and join college the fear changes to trepidation at missing the old friends and meeting new people. Change in job is avoided so that we remain in the safety of the known.

Walking down a lonely lane many a times we get fear stricken on seeing a cat in the night, believe in ghosts which is nothing but fear of the unknown. So sharing the feeling of being unsafe is something that happens to me always. Just now I felt it when I was looking at the Daily Prompt. As soon as I started typing fear vanished. If you feel unsafe meet your fear head on but be prepared just in case you need to scoot or hit back (last resort).


13 thoughts on “Face your fear – feel safe

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