Daily Prompt: Playtime

As children we played more of outdoor games and as we age and reach a time when outdoor games become difficult we play games on our computers, mobiles. My playtime means watching games on television. At times I become so engrossed that I am almost there in the field, in my mind of course. Why he played that stroke, why did he make that move. Oh how agonizing, that move was wrong and lo here comes my wife and changes the channel to her favorite soap. To hell with the television and I am on my computer trying write on this daily prompt but mind is on the move that was completely wrong. Wish I was on the field making that move in a different manner.

On the other days I am busy watching football changing channels trying to find a live game. My playtime. Frustrated I get out and start to walk. Only relaxing game that I engage nowadays. Earlier running in the morning was my playtime but after knee surgery following bike accident long walks is my playtime. It helps me to both reduce my cholesterol and lets me think peacefully. Life changes as we age but playtime remains and perhaps it is better to walk then to play with others emotions



8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Playtime

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