Live peacefully

Close encounters happen everyday but why do we need a bullet to let us now that it has been close call. Everyday we have millions of bacteria and viruses attacking us but we win day in and day out because of our immunity. This being so normal that we do not notice but a bullet has certain romantic value so it is important. If I wrote that ‘Just as I was getting down from car the bullet grazed past my ear. I ducked and looked in the direction from which the bullet came and saw two masked men firing at random. A cop was prostrate with blood oozing, people either hiding behind whatever they could find or lying on the ground. I saw a gun at a little distance, must have been the cops gun. Slowly I start crawling as I see the two men looking at the other side looking for any movement, towards the gun. As I inch forward all I can remember is my school training where they taught us how to avoid the attacks by the fanatics and reach for the cover. Here I was trying to reach the gun which may or may not have bullets but that that is the only way I can see myself protecting young children who are panic stricken in the malls playing arena. Soon their parents would come rushing for the children and will become easy targets for these maniacs.

As I reach the gun I hear sirens of incoming police cars. The maniacs start firing at random towards the approaching police vehicle. Though head down with the gun now in my possesion I see the police fire back from the armoured car, which is in the lead. The fanatics make for the children area with perhaps the intention of making the children as human shield. Seeing that I am closest to the children’s playing arena I take it upon myself to protect the children. I raise the gun towards the approaching figure and pull the trigger …………………..’ This story would have got me many likes and even more followers but……………

Sorry I never had a close encounter with a bullet being fired. I have heard and read the attacks by the cowards on the innocent and children and despised them but have been lucky enough not to face one. I am happy with my fight against the fury of the nature, bacterias and viruses. That is handful for all of us and let us live peacefully not try to kill each other for any reason whatsoever.


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