New Year resolutions or as one may call them Goal setting is one thing that happens every year and renewed next year. Why? New Year resolution by me is broken within a week or so and by most people known to me within 21 days. Interestingly my number specification is something that may dismay you but reality is we are nothing but numbers. Why numbers? When we are born Doctors say in their own lingo,”you know patient no. 2 or 3 (whatever the bed number of the patient is) has delivered a healthy boy or girl. This is her first / second issue and that too normal / c-section.” In the neonatal unit you are baby of patient After release from the hospital or the maternity home your mother was asked to bring you back for immunization on 1 month, 3 month , 6 month etc..

Your Grandparents were happy that they have new addition to the family tree and number x grandchild has come as blessing for the family.Then we are taught the numbers, join school and pass from class 1 to 12. X number years having higher education and then joining a job with y amount of package. Romancing z number of boys/girls.

Now you want me list out x number of New Year resolutions and you call it goal setting.We are all bound by our habits and they say habits die hard. If you want to change any habit you have cultivate another one for next 21 days so that the other one becomes a replacement habit. Easier said then done. Every-time you try out anything new it is conscious move on your part and just as you think you have changed you invariably go back to your old self unconsciously.

True it is never too late or too early to change. In this coming year I will try and change most stubborn habit of mine – procrastination. I will not put off things to be done later but do it now. Just to quote one Indian Poet from 16th century

Kaal Kare So Aaj Kar, Aaj Kare So Ub
Pal Mein Pralaya Hoyegi, Bahuri Karoge Kub
[Tomorrow’s work do today, today’s work now
if the moment is lost, the work be done how]

Why wait for the New Year to come …………. I will start it from today


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