Forgive and forget never

Forgive and forget. Well forgive me for not forgiving any of the people who had wronged me. I may write hundred lines but most of them would not be true because they did harm to me for their own personal gain. I will have to remember so that no one else can do similar harm to me. I have not tried to harm them in return but forgive and forget never.

Trying to be God

Ever been kind? This is something that we should all ask ourselves. What do we mean by an act of kindness? Sharing something or giving something to some one who needs it is perhaps what means kindness or it can be better worded as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. We are considerate or are able to give when we have had enough. If that is kindness then it is trying to act like God.I am sure we all have tried to be God like after we have had our fill. There are only a few who have given everything they had and they are the only ones who are truly kind.

Now coming to my act of trying to be God. I was in a small town for some official work. After day’s grueling work in hot humid atmosphere I was hungry, thirsty and tired. I went to one roadside eateries near the bus-stand. After washing my hands and face sat down under a ceiling fan near the window and ordered my lunch. Two helpings and cold bottle of Coke later with my appetite satisfied I went to the counter to make a payment and saw a poor old lady begging just near the exit of the eatery. Most of the men were running past her in the eagerness of catching their bus. Somewhere inside it felt bad. I thought of the big lunch I had taken and here was someone older then my mother seeking alms and being ignored. I asked the manager to give her lunch for which I would pay. He  nonchalantly asked one of the service person to call her in and asked her what she would eat. She said some rice and vegetable curry would do. I asked the manager to ask her if she would like to have any non-vegetarian dish or not. She replied in negative. He added the bill in my account and asked for the payment.I asked him to not tell her who was paying he just nodded.

Just as I was walking out I heard the manager say to the lady that her bill had been paid by a kind heart gentleman. I felt happy inside but as I sat in the bus I thought ‘why feel happy. Just because you have acted like a God.’

Time Wasters

I do fly into rage everyday at my own incompetence. Almost everyday morning I forget where I kept my car keys, my mobile, my handkerchief, my tie. Everyday I find them in my drawer just ready to be taken. Mind it they are in place because I kept them but in the rush of things in the morning I just forget to take them while getting ready to go. This prompt gives me an opportunity to find the reason why I am mad at myself every morning. What really happens is my habit of going through the Newspaper in the morning trying to keep myself updated almost always means that I forget to take my personal things while I am ready to go. Now Mrs.Crooked Eyebrows too is rushing for her work which means everybody has to be self sufficient. My staying in Hostels should have made me that but to bumble is perhaps ingrained in me. Is it a disease or just simple non planning I do not know.

I also fly into rage when somebody is inordinately late for a meeting. Time is the most precious thing on the face of the Earth. You can regain everything but not lost time. We have time wasters a lot. Those who just sit along doing nothing but gossiping eating away your time without letting you finish your work are galore in our lives. Yes I can understand we are social animals and have to mingle and have friendly banter every now and then but there are some people who are nothing but time wasters and they have single motto in life of criticizing everything. I feel these people should be banned from public life, put behind bars. Strong statement but they need to see reason.

Sorry for becoming mad again. Keep reading and keep commenting. Love you all.


Difficult when you ask for just least favourite quality of mine. Ask my friends and they will start a list that may take half an hour to list. Anyway I am thankful that I have just write about just one. Which one is the question that will take much time to resolve.

Now if I ask Mrs. Crooked Eyebrows she will start with double the number of of what my close friends think. However she is happy to point out that being talkative is one thing that should always be in the list along with my forgetfulness especially with whatever she says. You can easily take the second part out as most women think their husbands do not pay any heed to them which not the truth. Reality is most husbands, especially ones married for decades always try to remember whatever their wives say but forget. Forget because wives always say too many things.

First point is being talkative and it is true given a chance I will continue for hours on any topic whether I know or not. Other quality which is really despicable is whenever I start anything I just cannot stop without completing. You may think that it is a good quality but in work area it leads to most people hating you more then liking you. Most of your peers and colleagues just will do anything to put you out of action.

Bus slipping away

1984 I was in 2nd Year of B.Sc. I clearly remember the date 5 days before Christmas 20th December. I went to Library and got ht e book of Thermodynamics I was looking for ‘Zemansky’s Thermodynamics’. While returning from the library after taking the issue I stood in the bus stand for the bus. Most of the buses were overcrowded and I waited for one in which I could get inside the bus. Futile wait yielded no result and in an hours time I jumped onto the foot-board of an overcrowded double-Decker.

The pressure on me while hanging precariously from the foot-board told me I had taken a wrong decision. As the bus started climbing on a flyover  I started slipping. Soon the books slipped out of my hand and before I understood I saw the bus slipping away.Next I saw a group of people standing around as I was lying flat on the road with many buses and cars around. A policeman was kneeling by my side and asked me whether I was alright. As I sat up people around clapped.

It felt so nice to meet my parents , cousins and friends from then on. This is the first time I am sharing this story.

Keep reading. Love you all

Taj Mahal


Me at Taj Mahal with my Parents perhaps in 1968. Though I do not remember much of it but the smile tells me that it must have been one of my best holiday. You do not need remember much of it but a picture of perfect smile is good enough.

Hope you agree. Love you all……. keep visiting

Back to Historical times

Necessity is mother of invention and the greatest necessity at this point of time is to save the Mother Earth of we all cease to exist in may be by the end of this millennium. Many of may think that it is long period of time and anyway I am not going to exist by then. Look at it fro a different angle or perspective Earliest life form started nearly 3.5 billion years ago and the end will also not be very swift. We will have to face floods, drought, cyclones, tsunami, rising sea level, food crisis, drinkable water shortage…. and the list will go on. Actually Mother Nature gives us time to correct the crisis which we human being precipitated.

SO what can we do………. go back to historical times which is regressive. Reduce the carbon print. Use Solar Power. Problem is making Solar cell is not only cumbersome and costly, it is also inefficient. Somehow if we could manage to recycle our solid waste and through Solar heating use it produce power we may still have a chance. Science will make further progress and we may soon have more food food production even in smaller patches of land and water conservation or desalination will perhaps lead to take care water scarcity.


Imagination or Utopia

 A person who can do no wrong …………. a figment of imagination or an utopia I do not know. In our childhood we see our parents as infallible and as people who can do no wrong but as we grow old we know that they are also human and can make mistakes. There are many things that they do not know and have their own understandings which perhaps have not been updated.

Many of us find Jesus, Buddha, Lord Krishna or Prophet as the only perfect being. True but they are so far ahead that none of us can perhaps compete with them so we just pray and try to emulate them. Now if we look at history we will find many great heroes who have so many qualities but you only read good things about them. Example are Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela to just name a few. To my mind comes the name of Swami Vivekananda. He is an youth icon who hailed his religion but respected every religion. He spoke of alleviating the poor not just by charity but by education. Who believed that youth with knowledge and nerves of steel could do more good to the society then men with millions but miser at heart.


He said that ‘You can compromise everything for Truth but Truth cannot be compromised for anything.’ A man who went to USA when most Indian Hindus considered it irreligious to cross Sea. He said, “If by eating certain food I loose my religion then that religion is not for me.” Who despite being a Monk took his own mother for Pilgrimage because that is what his mother wanted. He said boldly,”God is in everyone of you. You have to only realize it.”

Dreams Soar

Unexpected loss of job, retrenchment as the company registers loses or is deep down in debt, is something that haunts us through out our professional life. The fact is it is something that I am facing now every waking hour of my life. Stressed I am almost always and without reason irritated. Still I have the job so I can only tell you what I am doing to stave off the imminent disaster that is staring at me.

Now when you have stuck to the same company for nearly twenty three years it becomes a part and parcel of your life. This is more like my home where I joined after just starting my career.  I started at low level to now become head of operation for one zone and then from nowhere this bombshell fell on us that the company is on block, up for sale. My salary has already risen to a level where getting something at the similar level will be a tough ask. To add on to it the number of positions at this level is restricted which makes my search even more tough.

Most difficult part in these situations is to keep your morale high. I try to psych myself that I can repeat my story again. Difficult part is that I am having tough competition from new highly educated younger generation who have the fire in them and have ability to dream. People of my age can match younger generation in other aspects but it is difficult to dream like them because we are grounded to reality. We have that small skepticism creeping in us which these young dreamers are yet to learn. We give real picture but the prospective employers look for that bit enthusiasm which though beyond reality lets the dream soar.

I have to bring back those dreams in me so I try and mix up with the younger generation and want to see their dreams. I know it is difficult but I need to do that so as to let my dreams soar………..

This is my 100th Post 


Like and keep reading. Love you all.


To be true from very tender age almost as an infant I wanted to catch the moon as all infants do. No Luck. As I grew up I craved for  …………….. to become an Author. Why an author? Well when I was in primary school in our school one well known Poetess came. She was invited to Chair our Annual Cultural Day Program. She was so easy going spoke to us, the little ones as if she was our own. Laughed and clapped after our Elocution of her and other Poets poems. All teacher seemed to just try and impress her with their knowledge and she seemed like a giant amongst men.

Her aura seemed to make an interesting impression on me and I wrote few stories and poems which I never showed to anyone. In my world of fantasy they made me great author revered by many. My love for writing never reduced though I soon understood that I am nothing but a mediocre writer with no talent. However this love of writing my thoughts meant my colleagues had explanatory letters and mailings to read.

Now I have my friends on WordPress being bombarded with many a times boring rantings from me. I thank all my friends for being brave enough to read my rantings and request them to continue. Please do remember this is my 99th Post and with your love I may to some extent fulfill a long cherished and desired dream.

Please keep reading …………….. Love you all.