Superpower of Compassion

Oh no not again….. Superpower with ability to appear and disappear at will. Danger of becoming ‘hollow man’, a pest with all kinds of perversion. I am rather happy to be a seen man striving hard to subdue all the criminal thoughts that may arise from time to time and be help to fellow human beings without being a superpower. Actually this whole business of having some super natural power is so fascinating that we fall for it time and again. Our imaginations run wild as we always see ourselves as a good soul trying to help the world, diffusing crisis after crisis, almost becoming GOD.

Danger is if we get that power then most of us will become more horrible then the greatest SATAN we ever imagine. Would it not be extremely fascinating if we could play GOD building and destroying lives at will. Being able to observe everything seen and unseen, with everyone in awe and shock. In reality if we have that kind of power then most women will be uncomfortable in the privacy of their own home. Security agencies will be in a tizzy on how to safeguard each and every citizen in the world. Even my Atheist friends will also not mind playing GOD or SATAN with that kind of power.

Science is taking giant steps and especially war science is trying to make camouflage so realistic that in very near future it will be extremely difficult to spot soldiers. Sooner or later that technology is going to go into the hands of the terrorists and then we will have a major problem in hand when the enemy of the humanity will have the power to appear and disappear at will.

I wish I have the power of compassion and have the superpower of filling it in the hearts of all those who are devoid of it. Let us make this world a wonderful place to live rather then become a superpower.


10 thoughts on “Superpower of Compassion

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