Sinking not an option for cowards

When was I left alone to fend for myself in an overwhelming situation? Well always. Whenever there was an overwhelming situation I have found myself in midst of it try to swim because sinking is not an option for cowards like me. In trouble cowards like me try to come out of it unscathed or with minimum damage.It is rule that those who think they are brave always are reckless and make stupid mistakes whereas the cowards take all the precautions and look for opportunity to get out as soon as possible.

I still remember vividly when I was around nine years old and was studying in a school some 16 miles away from our home in forward military base where my father was posted, missed our school bus in the afternoon as we were busy playing. When we returned to the school gate everything was locked and no sight of the bus or other students. We were five children left behind. Actually there had been a change in the conductor of the bus so the new conductor did not know the exact count of children to be picked up or he might have been sloppy. I do not remember how many of us were boys in that group but we were quite perplexed as what to do? My friend A who was the naughtiest and toughest in the class decided that we should all start walking back to our homes which was just one hour by Air Force school bus. I and perhaps one another child objected and we were called cowards.

Three of them started walking while I and another child walked towards the army outpost nearby. On reaching the army outpost we told the Army men (uncles as we referred to them then) our plight and they called on their Air Force counter parts. Two Army men went in the search of the brave friends of ours who had started walking alone. A jeep was arranged and we reached home in another one hours time to be welcomed by our parents with all the mothers standing in tears as if to welcome their bravest sons and daughters who were returning as if after saving the world.


15 thoughts on “Sinking not an option for cowards

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  4. Your parents must had been so worried and I am glad you took the most intelligent move. That would had taken at least three hour to walk you. My daughters got on the wrong bus one time when they were in preschool when we were at Fort Ord in California. I was really worried. .

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