CAstaway – True Story

Five things that I must have in a deserted island. First of all I do not think anyone in a stable mental condition would love to go to a deserted island unless it is an adventure trip. Well if it is an adventure trip to deserted island where I will be alone for some length of time then I need quite a few things. Okay I am permitted just five things. Then I will need a solar lantern for the night, books to read, garments to change (one set will do), a knife to cut and peel any food that I may have to gather and without fail a satellite phone (one has to stay connected).

Now if this landing in a deserted island is accidental like Castaway then well I will need five people. The list is concise and specific. All of them have to be from Hollywood and from the film fraternity. The list is Film Producer, Director, Cameraman, somebody to hold the lights and editor. No make up man is required as I am castaway. Oh by the way before I forget you need to decide on the name………… it has to be Real Castaway or say Castaway – True Story. Just while planning this I am feeling sorry for Tom Hanks. He will be challenged on his own turf by a old newcomer like me with the True Story.

Coming to reality if I am left in an island that is deserted then I will perhaps have no option. It will be a matter of survival and we humans are best to improvise and survive. In the most severe condition and no amount of wishful thinking helps. So while I am still here with my family and friends around let me just enjoy, rest we will see when it happens.


13 thoughts on “CAstaway – True Story

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