Mother’s Touch

Power of touch………. well there is a touch that I miss almost everyday. The touch of my mother. I can almost feel it everyday whenever I long for that feeling. The way she would smooth my ruffled hair when I was young. I always feel the way she held my hand till the time she was conscious. Last time she held my hand was that morning when she slipped into coma.

It is not that I did not feel that touch after she passed away. One day while returning from a field assignment by public transport an old lady took sit next to mine. I was perhaps dozing when I felt my mother touching me trying to shake me up awake so that I did not miss my stop. Startled I turned around to see that woman tapping my shoulder to ask when she would reach X place which was another ten minutes ride. From that time I felt that that perhaps my mother existed in all the old women in this world. A figment of imagination but it has kind of grown on me.Whenever I see old women who may need assistance irrespective of their financial state.

Yes I know I should not overdo but it is feeling that, I cannot help, comes to me. A feeling that perhaps they need if not help at the least some words or gestures that they are important for they have taken all the pain to bring us to this beautiful world. Just one Mother’s Day will not do but constant acknowledgement that they are still very important in our lives.

Sorry to bother all of you with my silly thinking but what to do that is the emotion that arises in me.


13 thoughts on “Mother’s Touch

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