Fifteen minutes of fame or fifteen minutes of truth. I do not know what one should call it but I think this is the most difficult prompt I have ever seen. One that needs knowledge of life time and an ability to connect. One has to be brutally true yet connect with his or her listener. I have heard great people say that to speak for five minutes you need to prepare for at-least five hours. To speak for fifteen minutes one has to prepare for not hours but at-least years because you are speaking not a group or a nation but to whole world. You have to get their attention, time and understanding.

If I had this opportunity then I would tell the whole world to be completely true to one’s own self as well as to the world. For being completely truthful is the most difficult task and calls for an effort of Herculean proportion. Look at the world from beginning of human evolution and we remember only those who have been true to themselves and to others. Religion has grown on shoulders of those who were seekers of Truth and preachers of the same. Rich and famous had their own moments and those who were truthful etched places for themselves in minds of people.

Difficulty with truth is that it is very hard on the person who practices it. Try owning up all the mistakes you have committed and you will find your nearest and dearest ones your biggest critics. Some may break up all relations with you. So what we do is say small white lies. To cover up one lie we say so many more lies that in the end we fall down in your own eyes. We become sinners in our own eyes. Stop yourself from telling that first lie however uncomfortable it may make you. For Truth is that remains rest all just vanishes.

Truth is the only GOD if GOD ever existed. TRUTH is something that ‘Fire cannot burn; Water cannot wet; Weapons cannot cut; Wind does not wither.’ TRUTH is Eternal, all pervading, unchanging, immovable, same for EVER. LET TRUTH BE OUR NATURE.


7 thoughts on “TRUTH IS ETERNAL

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